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"A Clowder of Cats" was written by Mica the cat.

Hi, my name is Mica. I was adopted from the Anti-Cruelty Society 4 years ago when I stared down Arthur with my big yellow eyes. The family acronym is CHAAT, and the T formerly belonged to a cat named Trouble, who died. Because of my yellow eyes, they first named me Turmeric, but that was hard to say, and they shortened it to Mica. Also the daughter Alexandra was at the art school MICA in Baltimore.

Each of the family's cats has had a special talent. Max was a writer. Homer was an oral historian. I was the first visual artist, coming into a family of artists. Because I always sat next to Carole on her computer while she was working, I learned about Chicago artists. Soon I learned how to enter them. Because I was otherwise an indoor cat, this became very important to me, and I began to travel through the art. What an adventure! I have learned so much.

The other thing I should explain is that I often get help and advice from the cats En Haut who are living in the sky now after they died, and look down on
earth, and enjoy the comings and goings there. Max in particular advises me. For example, I met Cherubino this way, the Kalmite cat whom I visited in the drawing.

Max introduced me to Mehitabel, the cat who helped Archy the cockroach tell his stories and type. I chose the American Typewriter font as a reference to Archy and Mehitabel, although I have been criticized that it is not very up to date and chic. I tend to have more vintage tastes.

There are still a lot more Chicago artists that I want to enter. I hope to do another volumesoon. Mica, Chicago 2017

PS: Some have asked "What is a clowder?" It means a group. or herd of cats. Like a gaggle of geese, or a pride of lions. I liked the sound of it. For me, it made sense, since I changed each time I "entered" a work. Thus me together, in many different states changed by the art work I entered, became a "clowder".